“The Herd”, Monroe’s Mustang Alumni Group

“The Herd”, Monroe’s Mustang Alumni Group

Congratulations on your child’s 5th grade culmination from Monroe.  We know this has been a special school home for many of you. We want to encourage your children and family to continue to feel connected to Monroe.

If you would like your child’s information to be included in “The Herd”, Monroe’s Mustang Alumni Group managed by the Monroe PTO, please provide your contact information below.  We will use this information to contact you in the event that Monroe is in need of student volunteers for events or when we have opportunities for Monroe alumni to come back and visit with former teachers and younger students at Monroe.

Think of this as your child’s way to pay it back, and pay it forward, to a place where he or she grew up.  It all goes quickly.  Let’s stay in touch, Mustangs!

This information will be used by the PTO only and will be on a very limited basis, only when there is a request to fill.

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