Tech Bootcamps are back!

This fall, Monroe will be offering five different Technology Bootcamps designed to help your student launch more quickly into educational technology. Each session will be three days long and each week will begin a different session. Your child may sign up for more than one session, but students will be chosen by raffle. Your child will need to bring their iPad with them.

Because these sessions are so short and cover a lot of information, it is very important they do not miss a session. I will have a Google Classroom for Tech Bootcamps, but I will not be able to go over missed instruction. If you know your child will not be able to make it, please do not sign up for that session. They will receive the technology instruction throughout the school year from myself or their classroom teacher.

Sessions begin the week of September 27th.
AM sessions are 7:50-8:10 AM.
All sessions will be held in the library unless there is a room change.
Registration will end on September 22nd at 4pm. Late registrations will not be accepted.

For more information on the sessions and to sign up please CLICK HERE.

If you have questions, please contact Meredith Wodka at [email protected]

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