Monroe will be offering several different Technology Bootcamps designed to help your student launch more quickly into educational technology.

AM Sessions
3 sessions: 3rd grade
3 sessions: 4th grade
3 sessions: 5th grade
Students will work through the engineering process using Tinkercad to learn about 3D printing and customize a project.
3 sessions: Advanced 3rd-5th grade 3D printing.
These students will need to have completed either Monroe’s 3D printing club or attended an outside 3D program.  Students will design and create their own unique object.  We will also be looking to create a “catch basin” for the Monroe Bee Hive.
2 coding clubs, 4 sessions, before school
Intro to coding for 1st-2nd grade
Tools used will be Coding Awbie for the basic block type coding and Dash robots which will take the coding to a computer program on their iPads.
Coding for 3rd-5th graders
Tools used will be Dash Robots and Ozobots.  These will be more complicated and higher order coding using a Blockly type format.


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