This fall, Monroe will be offering seven different Technology Bootcamps designed to help your student launch more quickly into educational technology. Each session will be three days long and each week will begin a different session. Your child may sign up for more than one session, but students will be chosen by raffle. It is our goal to pair older and younger students together for built in assistance.
Because these sessions are so short and cover a lot of information, it is very important they do not miss a session.There will be no way for them to make it up and they will fall behind. If you know your child will not be able to make it, please do not sign up for that session. They will receive the technology instruction throughout the school year from myself or their classroom teacher.
Sessions begin the week of September 3rd.

AM sessions are 7:50-8:10 AM and lunch sessions meet from 11:20-11:50 AM.
Your child will eat lunch in the MPR from 11:50-12:10 PM with the rest of the students.
All sessions will be held in the library unless there is a room change.
Registration will end on August 30th. Late registrations will not be accepted.

The sessions will meet as follows:
Keynote: This is more than a presentation tool for slide shows. Students can animate and draw their own work, even turning their learning into a simple movie. This is the foundation for all they will do this school year in technology. In fact, most of the later Bootcamps will use Keynote as a basis for creation.
Tuesday 9/3
Wednesday 9/4
Thursday 9/5

DoInk Green Screen: This app allows students to create their own works of art by removing and changing the background of any image. Think of taking a photo with your child INSIDE a snow globe or dancing down Abby Road.
Monday 9/9
Tuesday 9/10
Wednesday 9/11

Clips: This app allows students to create videos with posters, labels, music, and voiceovers.
Tuesday 9/17
Wednesday 9/18
Thursday 9/19

iMovie: This app is more sophisticated than Clips and allows for greater manipulation in video creation.
Tuesday 9/24
Wednesday 9/25
Thursday 9/26

Stikbots: This app records stop motion animation. Your student will learn how to create in the Stikbot app and then import it into Clips and iMovie to voice over their creation.
Tuesday 10/1
Wednesday 10/2
Thursday 10/3

Bloxels: This is a video game creation app. Students will learn how to create their own video game. There will not be time to finish the game during the bootcamps, but this launching point will give them knowledge to finish and create many games on their own.
Tuesday 10/8
Wednesday 10/9
Thursday 10/10

Garageband: This is a music and sound creation app. Students will learn how to create and use music loops and record their own voice. The knowledge they learn in Garageband can be used as audio clips in many of the other technology apps we are covering.
Tuesday 10/15
Wednesday 10/16
Thursday 10/17

There will be other Technology Clubs offered throughout the year through Mrs. Wodka (Teacher-Librarian).


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