Spring Monroe Milers

The last two milers session are Wednesday, May 18th, and Friday, May 20th.

On Friday we will be awarding Bonus Feet.  We will also be collecting all popsicles sticks at the end of Friday’s Milers.  Please have your students turn in any popsicle sticks. The students should have an accurate count of the toe tokens they have earned and the Bonus Feet they should be awarded.   Please see the chart below.

( 5) Feet = 1Clear Foot

(10)Feet = 1 Double Foot

(15)Feet = 1  Shoe

(20)Feet = 1 Tie-Dyed Foot

(25)Feet = 1  Runner

(35)Feet = 1  Glow Foot

(50)Feet = The number “50”

(60)Feet = Mini Foot

(75)Feet = The number “75”

(100)Feet = BIG FOOT

(125)Feet = The number “125”

(150)Feet = The number “150”

(200) Feet = The number “200”

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