2020-21 Room Parents

Below are the Room Parents by teacher for the 2020/21 School Year.  Both contacts by teacher will be assisting with communication for AM and PM classes.


Grade Teacher Name Email
K Wheeler Courtney Wright(AM) [email protected]
Erika Gartner (PM) [email protected]
K Oliva Abby Quinn (AM) [email protected]
Paula Czyz (PM) [email protected]
1 Keating Lauren Rozum (AM) [email protected]
Ali Rago (PM) [email protected]
1 Senese Sonia Sampat (AM) [email protected]
Megan Brotschul (AM) [email protected]
2 Black Sara Clary (AM) [email protected]
Melinda Fore (PM) [email protected]
2 Schuppert Kori Skiba (AM) [email protected]
Jamie Reveliotis (PM) [email protected]
3 Brom Erin Beavers (AM) [email protected]
Simona Garcia (PM) [email protected]
3 Cray Suzanne Rose (AM) [email protected]
Cheryl Eden (AM) [email protected]
4 Fagan Trish Injaychock (AM) [email protected]
Katheryn Mansell (PM) [email protected]
4 Guide Molly Haunty (AM) [email protected]
Sarah Richardson (PM) [email protected]
5 Durkin Jen Dean (AM) [email protected]
Kristen Hadden (PM) [email protected]
5 Taylor Jen Carmody (AM) [email protected]
Kay Sharples (PM) [email protected]
Remote Catey White (K-2 remote) [email protected]
Carissa Kapcar (3-5 remote) [email protected]

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