Note From The Nurse

Welcome Back Monroe Families!

I hope you had a great summer.  I have a few notes for the start of the school year:

With the opportunities to travel and spend time with friends this summer, please remember to check your children for the possibility of lice.   Parents should examine their child’s head if the child exhibits symptoms (primarily itching) of a head lice infestation.  When anticipating possible head-to-head contact during recreational activities, it is important to have a heightened awareness regarding the transmission of head lice.  Head lice move by crawling; they cannot fly or hop.  Head lice are spread by direct contact with the hair of an infested person.  Transmission by contact with clothing (hats, coats, etc.) and personal items (combs, brushes, or towels) is less common.

I also want to remind you of what to do when your children are sick. Please see the following guidelines:

For your child to attend school they need to: 

Be free of fever (less than 100 degrees F) for at least 24 hours without use of medication.

Have no vomiting for 24 hours after last occurrence, without use of medication, and the child is able to hold down fluids and food.

Have no diarrhea for 24 hours after last occurrence, without use of medication.

If diagnosed with pink eye or strep throat, the child must remain at home for 24 hours after treatment begins.

Unidentified rashes should be seen by a doctor and determined to be non-contagious before returning to school.

When calling school to report your child’s absence, please communicate the following information:

Does your child have a flu-like illness defined as fever (100 degrees F or higher) and a cough and/or sore throat in the absence of a known cause other than the flu?

If your child does not have flu-like symptoms, please communicate the symptoms that your child is experiencing.

If your child has a contagious disease, such as strep, pink eye, pneumonia, etc., please state so when leaving the message. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

For the safety of your child, no cough drops or hard candy will be allowed. They are encouraged to carry a water bottle instead. 

Additional information is located on the District’s WEBSITE.

Thank you,

Charity Richardson 

Monroe School Nurse

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