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Chess-Ed is pleased to offer VIRTUAL chess lessons to your chess students this Fall!   The 12-week Fall session is offered Monday-Friday after school and Saturday mornings with Beginner, Novice, Continuing, and Advanced program levels.

The chess program runs from Monday, 9/20/21 to Saturday, 12/18/21 and is taught by Chess-Ed instructors using Zoom,, and other chess software.  Each week, the lessons will take students to a new level of expertise, with time to play against other students and test oneself on an understanding of this fun and challenging game.  Beginners will develop basic skills to enjoy the game, while continuing and advanced students will grow in the knowledge of opening theory, middle-game tactics, and endgame combinations.  To register and for more information about our program, go here:

Playing chess enhances concentration and focus, uses analytical and critical thinking skills, and promotes problem solving, creativity, social skills, and sportsmanship.  Through this wonderful “Sport of the Mind”, CHESS, an intellectual foundation for all learning, will occur.  Join TODAY!

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