MAY we thank…

This month we’d like to express our gratitude to all of our amazing parent volunteers and committee chairs who have pitched in, helped out, and shown up throughout the year! Although being a volunteer looked different and was sometimes more challenging this year, we appreciate all of your work to keep things going for our school community! We are fortunate to have so many to thank that we need to break it up over a few weeks, so let’s get started…

MAY we thank:

Elaine Gilman and Mistie Psaledas for organizing our annual Bike Rodeo! This is an important milestone and a rite of passage for our 3rd grade students (and new families) as they earn their safety certificates and the privilege to ride their bikes to school. We thank you for adapting it to a virtual event this year!

Mindy Heinstkill, Jen Carmody, and Gale Smith, thank you for brightening the mailboxes of every student with a birthday postcard and a treat coupon from the Birthday Lunch Committee!

Our Brick Paver program was a success thanks to our committee chair, Kay Sharples! We look forward to seeing all of the memory bricks from our Monroe students and families for years to come.

Our ever popular Chess Club had a great year thanks to Katie and Pete Hwan! Our students love to learn the game and sharpen their chess skills and we couldn’t have done it without your leadership!

And a HUGE thanks to our Community Partners trio, Kristen Hadden, Juliette Bradley, and Ranjana Desai! In a year with so may limitations to dining in place, you three managed to raise funds and keep our Monroe families fed and happy with a series of well-planned, successful events!

Thankfully, we’ll be back next week with more grateful call-outs!

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