Maison Monroe Important Details and Reminders – due Sept. 20

Maison Monroe Wrapping Paper Sale is in full swing! There are several important things to remember:

*Register your child at to make sure they get credit for their online orders. Use school code 11831 to give the school credit or receive a specific code for your child when they register to give them individual credit as well.

*Send link to family and friends encouraging them to order online and give Monroe and your student credit.

*Turn in your prize sheet to your teacher to receive a prize after selling 10 items or more. (limited to the first 100 students)

Note: Although ordering online and shipping directly to your house is convenient, Monroe does earn MORE MONEY when you use the paper form. (Out-of-town friends and family should take advantage of online ordering of course!)

Sale ends on September 20th!! Sell sell sell! Thank you for your support.

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