Library Volunteers Needed

Please consider volunteering here in the library after the new year! We do some amazing programming for the students and it would not be possible without volunteers like you. There are so many different things that are needed on a daily basis. Books need to be shelved, cataloged, repaired, straightened, etc. Add to this items for 375 or more students in the STEAM lab and library classes and the list becomes endless. Vera and I are very flexible with the times as we know you have a lot going on at home and in your own schedules as well. If you are not able to make it during these times, but would like to help out, please let us know. For example, “I have to drop off my preschooler in the morning, but I can be there from 9:15-11:00.” We love that and are happy to accommodate you.

Mrs. Wodka and Mrs. Pribyl-Shay

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