Join the Apache/Yurok Guide Tribe for Monroe School! K-5th Grade

Who wants to create memorable times between father & son?

The motto of the Indian Guides is “Pals Forever”.  For over seventy years, this father-son program has been based upon qualities of Native American culture with a focus on the importance of togetherness, community & family.  It is through the participation and time spent together at Campouts, tribal meetings and Federation events that the relationship between father & son is solidified.

Our first CAMPOUT is coming up – October 25-27 at Camp Tecumseh (Indiana).

To learn more about Guides, you are invited to attend the Kick Off Picnic at Spring Rock Park, Western Springs on September 14th, 11:30 – 2:30pm or at

Tribe name is Apache/Yurok for Monroe School.

Please contact Mike Sclabassi ( or John George ( to join the fun.  How how!

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