Hinsdale Historical Society: Let’s Make History!

Calling all Monroe Mustangs: We need your help!

We are making history, and it is our duty to record this unique moment for ourselves and future generations. How can you help? The Hinsdale Historical Society wants you to “be a historian” and tell us about your experience with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please send photos, journal entries, or social media posts to submissions@hinsdalehistory.org.

Consider these questions when creating your submission:

• What grade are you in? How old are you? How long have you lived in Hinsdale?
• Do you wake up and go to sleep at the same times these days? How about lunch and dinner times? Have those changed since you’ve started distance learning?
• What does your quarantine e-learning space look like?
• How is school work different now? Is it better or worse? Both?
• What do you like about quarantine? And, dislike?
• What are your favorite quarantine snacks?
• Do you know people who take care of COVID-19 patients or anyone who is/was sick? How does that make you feel?
• What do you miss most about Monroe?
• What is the first thing you’ll do once this is over?

Thank you so much for your help! We look forward to your responses and hope to see you in Hinsdale town very soon.

For more information and an example submission, visit the HINSDALE HISTORICAL SOCIETY WEBSITE.


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