PTO Staff Grants


One objective of the Monroe PTO is to offer supplemental educational programs directed toward the students, teachers, and school community to improve the school environment in which they work and play.  The Educational Staff Grant program is designed to award funds for projects, programs, and materials that enhance the school curriculum and environment at Monroe School that would not otherwise be funded through the PTO’s, school’s, or district’s budgets.

Application Process

The PTO accepts grant requests throughout the academic school year.  Requests will be evaluated and awarded on a rolling basis, as funds are available.  The form entitled “Proposal for Grant Funding” is used to request funding from the PTO.

  • Applicants must first discuss their ideas for funding with the principal. The principal will consider how the proposal fits into the school’s short and long-term objectives and if other funding sources (including the district and school budget) are available.  The applicant will check a box on the Proposal for Grant Funding form, indicating that the proposal has been approved by the principal.
  • Applicants will complete the “Proposal for Grant Funding” form online at:  All applications must include the invoice(s), quote(s), snapshot of the “cart”, etc. at the time of submission.
  • Completed applications will be forwarded to the members of the Grants Committee, who will pass on their recommendation to the Executive Board, after evaluating the proposal to fully fund, partially fund, defer funding, or to deny funding. All proposals not fully funded by the grants program will be reevaluated for full funding in April at the final general PTO meeting.
  • The Executive Board (consisting of the PTO Board, the principal, and a teacher representative) will vote whether to fund the grant at their next monthly meeting. They will consider the input from the Grants Committee members.  Grants under $1,000 can be “fast tracked,” which means that only a vote by the Executive Board is needed.  Grant requests $1,000 or over require a vote at a General PTO Meeting (either regularly scheduled or a special meeting, if proposal is time sensitive).
  • Any unused grant money will be returned to the grant pool for future requests.  Expenses over the approved amount will NOT be reimbursed.  Please remember to include shipping costs in the proposal.


The committee will consist of interested parents and at least two PTO board members.  The committee will:

  • Communicate the grant process with the Monroe staff at the beginning of every school year.
  • Complete an evaluation within two weeks for each grant application submitted.
  • Track the proposals that are received and the proposals that are funded to ensure that money is distributed equitably across grade levels and disciplines.
  • Report back to the PTO at large. This report will include proposals that have been funded as well as the effectiveness of the programs/materials funded.


Please direct any questions to [email protected]

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