2018/19 – 5th Grade Robert Crown Presentation Registration Form

The Robert Crown Michael and Linda Programs will be offered on ​Wednesday March 13th​ at ​7:00 PM​ at Monroe School.

The 5​th​ grade GIRL program will take place in the Library.  The 5​th​ grade BOY program will take place in the Gym.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time.

The program will run approximately 90 minutes.   This program will discuss the emotional and physical changes that pre-teens experience.   ​Students must be accompanied by an adult.  We strongly recommend that children attend with a parent, relative or trusted family friend of the same gender (ie boys attend with men and girls attend with women).

More information regarding the content of this program can be found online at ​www.robertcrown.org​.  Look under the heading “Education” and choose grade 5 from the “Find Programs by Grade Level” section.  Both the Michael and Linda programs are described in detail.

This program is paid for by the Monroe School PTO. If you have further questions, please email Carrie Earley at caryn.earley@gmail.com.

Please fill out a form for each child, if you have multiple children in 5th grade.


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