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Principal’s Corner

After tragic events such as the shooting in FL, I often get asked what new measures we are going to take to improve safety at Monroe. The answer is that we are always striving to make the school safer, and not just in a reactive way, but in a proactive manner. I take an active role on the District 181 Safety Committee where we meet monthly with police and fire departments from our three towns to discuss increased safety measures. Every year we put in additional safety enhancements, run drills, and even add new drills and scenarios into our repertoire of safety measures. Some practices and improvements are well publicized while others are intentionally kept confidential. We also keep our specific lockdown procedures, emergency evacuation sites, and other protocols confidential to help protect the safety of students and staff. We are Stronger Together though, so if you have thoughts, questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please click here to find an article about speaking to your children after a public shooting. Please note that I DO NOT advocate that you tell an unaware child about some of the violence that happens in our world, but I realize that they sometimes do learn about these events and I want to help provide you with some resources for discussing it. If you would like more information you can reach out to me or our social worker, Ananda, at aleinartas@d181.org. Thank you.

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